10 great Christmas foodie inspirations

Tis the season to stuff your face. This year, why not do it in style with some posh nosh that you feel really proud to have on the table. Here’s ten ways to inject some luxury into the ten days before Christmas.

1. Prosecco Party Time

What’s Christmas time without popping open a bottle of bubbly amongst friends and work colleagues. As the working calendar slows down for you (hopefully), it’s prime to cheers and see the world the way it was always intended to be seen – as an effervescent orb of fun and mischief. 

2. Duck Terrine Delights

Take the most succulent and tasty parts of an animal, and whiz them together with a decadent array of herbs, cream, potato and gelatine. After it’s set, serve the terrine with crusty fresh bread and dips. This is yet another gratifying starter, that settles people in for a night of foodie enjoyment. Vegetarians shouldn’t fret, terrine can come in all manner of varieties from pea and asparagus, to the gorgeous chestnut and ginger.   


3. Cheese Platter Combos

A delectable selection of cheeses can really kick off social gatherings on the right note. Forman & Field do delectable cheese platters. Add contrast to the tart and bitter flavours of particular cheese varieties with sweet and juicy grapes, pomegranate seeds and cherries. Adding a touch of the Mediterranean to your Christmas gatherings is a wise idea.  It makes for great nibbling and grazing fodder for those bovine lazy afternoons. 

4. Mince Pie Magnificence

Where would Christmas in Britain be without granny’s favourite – the humble mince pie. For many people, these little babies are the true essence of Christmas. You may eventually tire of the fruity mince flavour of orange peel, maraschino cherries, mixed spice and so on, but until then, try some pre-emptive festive cheer.

5. Cold Meat Connoisseur

We’re not talking about a drab breaded ham from the supermarket. Get creative and go left field with cold selections of meat that include venison, spicy parma ham, proscuitto and German or Polish sausage. 

6. Saucy Minx

Use a wide selection of sauces, dips, glazes and dressings on meats, salads and everything else that can be eaten.  Normally, a ”less is more” Zen approach to food applies; forget this at Christmas, and tumble head first into ruinous and gluttonous flavour combos. Ask questions later. 


7. The Epic Gingerbread  

Gingerbread comes in countless permutations and can be flexible enough to become a table decoration, tree decoration or stocking filler. It’s arguably just as tasty as chocolate and probably healthier too. 

8. Macaroon Madness

'Macaroon madness' takes a normal lounge room environment and adds colourful petite fours and macaroons, some wine and several hungry people.  Pretty soon it's a whirlwind of bedlam in there, and later on, only crumbs remain. 


9. Liqueur Licence

Pairing all of the delectable morsels with the right wine can get a bit dull. Instead of doing this, take some tangy and refreshing liqueurs in citrus flavours like apple, lime and orange and leave them on the table along with ice and soda water.

10. Opt for a hamper

Preparing a huge meal doesn’t need to be a hassle on Christmas day. Instead, opt to have Christmas hampers full of goodies delivered straight to your door. Perfectly cooked and ready for the table.


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