297 Days and Counting…

So Christmas day 2012 is only 297 days away. Sounds so long, right? Well I can bet you that it will come a lot sooner than you think; before you know it you’ll be pushing and shoving past people whilst trying to get all of those presents for friends and family (then you’ll have to get them all wrapped!). If you’re hosting anything through the festive season, you’ll find yourself stocking up the cupboards with plenty of food and drink.. And probably more drink!

We’ve reached the 3rd month of 2012- the last bit of the 3rd quarter. Before you know it, summer will be here! But once that’s gone, that’s when the rush will start. So why not be prepared this year? Did you make any New Year’s resolutions to do with your finances? Well the more prepared you are for Christmas this year, the more pennies you will save.

So what can you do to get prepared? If you spot a little gift that you know a certain friend or family member would love, get it. This will show that you can put thought and care into your gifts. If you spread out your outgoings throughout the year rather- than the last few months- your bank balance will be a lot healthier than your belly will after Christmas!

When it comes to food and drink, you obviously can’t go buying lots of party food in March- but if you’re getting presents out of the way from now to December, you can relax a lot more. Alcohol is normally at its cheapest during the festive season, so by not having to buy too many presents in December, you can enjoy lots more eggnog - or any other preferred beverage!

Perhaps you could start making gifts. If you have a crafts hobby, you could make little things for people, such as necklaces, bracelets, scarves, mittens etc. This may take more effort than buying them, but the gifts will be unique and have a lot more meaning to somebody who receives it. You could quite enjoy making little gifts throughout the year, and it will cost a lot less than buying them from a shop.

So maybe it’s about time you started thinking about Christmas- no matter how silly it sounds. Get prepared; it will come back around before you know it!

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